Dahlia Rosly

Malaysian Association of Social Impact Assessment (MSIA)



Dr. Dahlia Rosly has been working in areas related to landuse planning and is the former Director-General of The Federal Department of Town and Country Planning, Peninsular Malaysia. She has wide experience dealing with strategic, regional and local landuse planning in the context of sustainable development. She also oversees planning law and landuse information systems including inter relationships between land use and transport planning.

In addition to land use plan preparation, Dr. Dahlia renders expert input in Sustainability Assessment in Plans, Sustainable Transport Planning, Social Impact Assessment, Green Communities and Smart Growth. She is instrumental in introducing Social Impact Assessment and the Focus Group method in landuse planning in Malaysia and these ‘stakeholder involvement’ methodologies have been incorporated into plan-making processes in Malaysia. She is also the focal point in the Department for Transport Studies, Green Neighbourhoods and Low Carbon Societies, Liveable Cities and Inclusive Cities, Sustainable Development Indicators including Happiness Indicators and Happy Cities in Malaysia.

She has also contributed as counterpart to various government projects and studies related to transport; urban development and the environment; and environmental and social impact assessment in collaboration with international initiatives including the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank, and the United Nations Development Program. She was also National Key Result Area (NKRA) lab member for the Urban Transport Lab in the Malaysian Government Transformation Programme.

Dr. Dahlia has obtained an Honours Degree in Planning from Oxford Brookes University, United Kingdom in 1981, holds a Masters Degree in Transport Planning and Engineering from the Imperial College, University of London, and a PhD. in Environmental and Social Impact Assessment of Transport Projects, from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom in 1997. She is currently the President of the Malaysian Association for Social Impact Assessment.