Datin Paduka Dr. Dahlia Rosly

Malaysian Association of Social, Impact Assessment (MSIA)



Datin Paduka Dr. Dahlia Rosly is the former and 14th Director-General of PLANMalaysia and has wide experience dealing with strategic, regional and local land-use planning. She had spearheaded many sustainable development initiatives and instrumental in institutionalizing Social Impact Assessment in Malaysia. Dr. Dahlia's vast experience working in the fields of Environmental and Social well-being, Transportation Planning, Smart Growth, the Malaysian Happiness Agenda and place making in general had also taken her and her team to form URBANICE Malaysia. She and her team had conceptualized Youth Cities Malaysia, Healthy Cities and Green Neighbourhoods to implementation. In 2014 she had headed the Malaysian team to bid for hosting the Ninth World Urban Forum. Dr. Dahlia holds a Master’s Degree in Transport from the Imperial College, University of London, and a PhD relating to Environmental and Social Impact Assessment from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. She is also currently a Commissioner for SPAD (Land Public Transport Commission).