Magdalena García Hernández




Magdalena has served in many capacities during her career, including as a UN consultant, coordinating the Presidency of the Interagency Gender Group of the United Nations System in Mexico; a public servant; bank employee; professor and university researcher. She is a feminist with a background in public policy advocacy as a trainer of government personnel and in building women’s networks in Mexico and Latin America as director of MIRA. Magdalena is very active in the urban space, having served as a Policy Unit Expert on municipal finance in the process leading to the Habitat III Conference, as well as having coordinated the Urban Thinkers Campus MIRA-Huairou-FEMUM, the largest of the first 26 Campuses in the UN-Habitat World Urban Campaign initiative. Currently she is a member of the Group of Latin American and Caribbean Experts for New Urban Agenda follow up. Magdalena is an entrepreneur in the hospitality field, and is a consultant and CEO of the firm Bufete de Estudios Interdisciplinarios A.C.