PK Das

PK Das & Associates

Architect & Activist


Das’ work and views have been widely published. He has authored and co-authored several books and publications too. As a committed campaigner he has co-directed and co-produced two documentary films. His wide spectrum of work includes organizing slum dwellers for better living and evolving affordable housing models, engaging in policy framework for mass housing, reclaiming public spaces, developing the waterfronts, integrating the natural areas & urban renewal projects along with mainstream architectural practice involving urban planning, urban design, architecture and interior design assignments, under PK Das & Associates of which he is the founder.

His work in the expansion of public spaces, the development of Mumbai’s coastline in particular and his slum rehabilitation projects have won him several national and international awards including the first ‘Urban Age Award’ instituted by the London School of Economics and Deutsche Bank, which was conferred to the Mumbai Waterfronts Centre of which PK Das is the Chairperson. Other awards include ‘Clearwater Citizens Award’ by ‘Waterfront Center’, Washington, USA, 2002 and most recently the prestigious first International ‘Jane Jacobs Medal- 2016.

Along with other activists, Das is committed to the unification of disparate fragments as well as the integration and improvement of the ‘backyards’ through planning and architectural endeavors. His current engagement in the integration of the over 300 kms of Mumbai’s open drains and water courses and turning them into streams of vibrant public spaces is an unique effort. Similarly, his mapping of slums in Mumbai and preparing a comprehensive slums redevelopment and integration plan is noteworthy.

As joint convener of Nivara Hakk, a slum dwellers housing rights movement he has since 1980 carried-out significant slum redevelopment and rehabilitation work, besides working with the organization in setting-up health care and primary educational centers in slums in Mumbai. His contribution in preparing a participatory plan and design for the rehabilitation of 25000 evicted families from the National Park is probably the largest rehabilitation project in the country.