Serge Salat

Urban Morphology Institute



An architect with a Master in Mathematics and Physics, a PhD in Art History and a PhD in Economics, and thirty years’ experience in urban studies and city planning, Serge Salat is President of the Urban Morphology and Complex Systems in Paris. The Institute develops a science of cities applying cutting-edge complexity science to policy making, with a focus on resilience, sustainability, economic efficiency and Transit-Oriented Development. Serge Salat is professor of Urban Morphology at Paris School of Architecture. He is an urban policy adviser to the UN and international organizations, in the fields of urban economy and sustainable urban planning and a member of UN Environment International Resource Panel.

Lead expert in developing tools, strategic frameworks, indicators systems, and a variety of strategy documents, knowledge products, policy and issue papers, in sustainable urban planning and urban finance, he has contributed to flagship reports such as World Bank-NDRC Urban China Report to Premier Li Keqiang, Shanghai 2050, Chongqing 2040, and Melaka Sustainability Outlook. He is an adviser to the Global Platform for Sustainable Cities and has contributed to the Urban Sustainability Framework of the Platform. He is the lead expert of International Green Model City Standards 3.0. He is a contributing author to IPCC 5th Assessment Report. He has authored books on Urban Morphology, such as Cities and Forms, On Sustainable urbanism, published in 2011, and, in 2017, has been lead author of Transforming Urban Space with TOD, published by World Bank, of Economic Foundations of Sustainable Urbanization, A Study on Three-Pronged Approach: Planned City Extensions, Legal Framework, and Municipal Finance, published by UN-Habitat, and of The Weight of Cities, Resource Requirement For Future Urbanization, a report of UN Environment IRP, as well as a contributing author to the Quito Papers and the New Urban Agenda. He has lectured in more than one-hundred international conferences, including the Nobel Laureates 4th Conference on Climate Change in 2014, and published sixty papers in peer-reviewed journals.