Shamsaini Shamsuddin

PLAN Malaysia Johor, Malaysia



Dr. Shamsaini Shamsuddin is at present the Director of PLANMalaysia@Johor (formerly known
as Johor State Town and Country Planning Department) since August 2016. She received her Honours Degree in Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, an M.A. in
Development Economics from University of Kent at Cantenbury, England and was awarded a PhD from Universiti Teknologi Malaysia with her research on “Spatial Modelling towards Delineating Urban Growth Limit”. She was appointed as a government town planner at the Federal Department of Town and Country Planning in 1984. With her 34 years experience, she has broad knowledge in land use planning, data management and spatial analysis. She was previously the Director of National Land Use Information Division (2013 – 2016) and has held senior positions in several divisions since 2004. She was the project coordinator for the study and implementation of MURNInets (the Malaysian Urban Rural National Indicators Network for sustainable development) and the Integrated Land Use Planning Information System (I-Plan). She also gave expert inputs in geospatial information system and sustainable development indicators/agenda in Malaysia. She is currently the Johor State’s advisor for matters relating to spatial planning, in charge of the management and coordination of all administration and technical activities conducted within PLANMalaysia@Johor including development control division, coordinator for the implementation of GeoJohor land use portal, development studies, planning guidelines and also. Her other involvements include attending local and international conferences, training programmes as well as contributing and presenting papers on topics such as the Use of Information Technology in Planning and Development, MURNInets and Future/Smart Cities. Apart from that, she was also a technical member in Mapping and National Spatial Data committee, Utility Mapping committee and MyGDI National Coordination committee.