Sun Tao

Ant Financial

Senior Director, Department of Strategy


Tao Sun received his Ph.D. in economics and started working first in the International Department and then the Financial Stability Bureau of the People’s Bank of China, working on the annual China Financial Stability Report and quarterly Monetary Policy Report. During March 2003-March 2004, he worked in the Asia and Pacific Department of the International Monetary Fund. Since May 2007, Tao Sun started as an economist in the Monetary and Capital Market Department at the International Monetary Fund. Tao Sun was in the team that produces the semi-annual Global Financial Stability Report (GFSR), and a member of China Financial Stability Assessment Program (FSAP). Tao Sun then worked as a senior economist in the Asia and Pacific Department at the IMF. Tao Sun is now a senior director at the Ant Financial. Recent research focused on systemic risks and prudential regulation framework, global liquidity and capital flows, spillovers to EM countries, asset prices, Sovereign Wealth Funds, capital flow management, macroprudential policies, capital account liberalization, inclusive finance, and internet finance.