Bernd Pfannenstein

Planstadt S.C.

General Director


Bernd Pfannenstein collaborates with the International Program Innovative Governance of Large Urban Systems (IGLUS) of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne. In Guadalajara, Mexico, the German Geographer is General Director of the consulting firm Planstadt S.C. and member of the think tank Transversal. Currently, he collaborates as strategic project leader with the Municipality of Tlajomulco de Zúñiga and in his role as an academic adviser with the Metropolitan Agency for Security and Safety.

From 2014 to 2015 Bernd Pfannenstein collaborated with the Guadalajara Metropolitan Planning Institute as an academic adviser in urban development projects on a metropolitan scale: i.e. projects on spatial segregation and its influence on urban development, and the implementation of a standardized Geographic Information System based on spatial data of the nine municipalities as basis for the implementation of the Metropolitan Land-Use Plan (published in 2016).

Within his research interests (urban geography, territorial planning and spatial analysis) he has published in international scientific journals and also participated in lectures at universities and conferences on national and international level: e.g. the 33rd International Geographical Congress in Beijing (China, 2016), the Geographical Congress of Latin America (Cuba, 2015; Bolivia, 2017), the CDD Forum organized by the Department of Urban Studies and Planning at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA, 2017), and the Conference of Experts on Multiscale Planning and Territorial Development organized by United Nations (2017, Chile).

Bernd Pfannenstein has been lecturing at the University of Passau (Bavaria, Germany; 2012-2014) and universities in Mexico over the last years. In 2013, he worked as a Visiting Professor at the Department of Geography and Regional Planning at the University of Guadalajara, supported by a scholarship of the Mexican Government. In 2015, he received an invitation from the Monterrey Institute of Technology Campus Guadalajara within the Program of Foreign Visiting Professors.

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