Lana Louise Finikin

Sistren Theatre Collective

Executive Director


Through a powerful combination of creative arts and advocacy, Lana has led the Sistren Theatre Collective for over 20 years. Sistren has used street theater to promote discussion about community safety since 1977, highlighting programs on gender-based violence, crime prevention and HIV/AIDS. As a trailblazer in gender relations training, the Collective has responded to the diverse demand-led needs within communities across Jamaica, particularly in Kingston, consistently using the creative arts as a tool of social change. Lana has also served as a project coordinator, co-trainer and facilitator for GROOTS/Huairou Jamaica, emphasizing safety in cities and communities through Local to Local Dialogues and implementing safety audits. In 2012, Lana was appointed to the Caribbean Civil Society Organisations and Networks Committee and received the Otto René Castillo Award for Political Theatre from the Castillo Theatre in New York.

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