Taysir Mahmoud Mousa Taha Abu Sneineh

City of Hebron, Palestine



His career is characterized by imprisonment, arrest, exile and deportation. He worked as a teacher and a speaker, and held several administrative positions. He was a prominent national figure, as he struggled for his homeland. He is still fighting and struggling to serve his people as mayor of Hebron. - Joined the education system and worked in UNRWA schools. He worked at the Ain Al-Sultan School in Jericho, and then moved to Dura Secondary School, and then Tariq Bin Ziad Secondary School until 1980.
- Worked in the Department of Islamic Endowments and Sanctities for a period of fifteen years until retirement in 2014.
- Worked in the Ministry of Waqf, and was appointed Director General of the Awqaf in the south of the West Bank in 1999, then Director General of Hebron /Al-Khalil Awqaf in 2004, and a Director General of the directorates of the West Bank in 2006, also a Director General of Hajj in the South 2008, and a Director General of Mosques in 2009. He also worked, during this period, as a Speaker in the Ibrahimi Mosque and other mosques.
- In 2017, he was elected to the Municipal Council in Hebron /Al-Khalil, on the list of the National Liberation and Construction of FATAH, where the list obtained a majority of seats, and was elected Mayor of the date of 1/6/2017, and had been acting as the Mayor since then.

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